welcome to the dr. o.r. nevitt swimming pooL

Established in 1955, the Dr. O.R. Nevitt Memorial POOL serves North Pacific County residents with a much needed facility for safe aquatic activities, including swimming lessons, swim team, water aerobics, and recreational swim.

The POOL is a two story structure open to the weather with locker rooms below. It is open only through the summer season and offers employment to many local youth. Owned and operated by the City of Raymond with the assistance of  a local non-profit group, People Organized to Operate Leisure activities, funds the pool annually to keep the pool up and running . The POOL group works hard on fundraising to ensure the people in our community have a safe place to learn and play. 

The POOL Board is always looking for volunteers! Please join their monthly meetings, the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at Raymond City Hall. Your ideas, suggestions and fundraising help is greatly needed! With the current condition of the pool, the POOL Board has a lot of work to do in order to keep the pool operable in 2024.  New heaters are on the top of the list of needs. As well as, a new pool liner, new decking, pool blankets, paint, plumbing, updated fencing and a new slide structure.

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