The City of Raymond Utilizes the Mayor/Council form of Government. The Mayor and the seven member Council are elected at large and serve four year terms. Council meetings are held in the City Hall, 230 Second Street, on the first and third Monday’s of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Jovon Vaughn, term expires 12/31/28 – [email protected]
Heidi Worlton, term expires 12/31/25 – [email protected]
Karen Tully, term expires 12/31/28 – [email protected]
Chris Halpin, term expires 12/31/25 – [email protected]
Tony Nordin, term expires 12/31/25 – [email protected]
Jason McVey, term expires 12/31/28- [email protected]
Steve Jones, term expires 12/31/28 – [email protected]

Mayor, Dee Roberts – [email protected]

Clerk-Treasurer, Kayla MacIntosh – [email protected]

Police Chief, Pat Matlock- [email protected]

Fire Chief, Bill Didion – bdidion@cityofraymond

Public Works Director, Eric Weiberg – [email protected]

City Attorney, Joel Penoyar